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The Good Planet Company’s mission is to help you live a simpler, greener, healthier life! Born in 2003 and they continue to empower their customers with the most up to date information and the best green products on the market. Are you up to the task of taking over this thriving (all through the pandemic), profitable business? Go to the company website and experience the depth and breadth of the company’s eco offerings, from household cleaners in bulk form, all kinds of Yoga essentials, good things for babies, kitchen specialty items and so much more. Are you a business-driven person? Want to be your own boss? This business will provide you with an exciting working environment along with a rewarding income. With full time and part time staff, the business will allow the new owner to have as much input into managing the business as they wish. Offered as a “Share Sale” it will provide the new owner with an investment ready vehicle. Are you ready to make the world a greener place!